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Chapter 00 "Introduction"

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:06 pm    Post subject: Chapter 00 "Introduction"  Reply with quote

Rifleman’s Serenade

Chapter 00


    Thank you for visiting “The Rifleman’s Serenade”. It has been a great honor to be able to write a novel form saga about our favorite Old West characters. This story is part three along with “The Battle within a Young Gun” and Fulton’s Foray”. Here is a short excerpt from the first introduction that will help to explain some the main theme of the entire three part story:

A number of (TV) episodes depicted Lucas as being haunted by characters from his past. We are given small clues as to what happened in those days before the TV show began, but the entire picture is left in mystery. A common theme in many of the episodes is that Lucas McCain must protect his son, Mark, from that past and provide him a normal childhood. In the course of the story, both father and son teach each other and come to grips with harsh reality. While much of the show is lighthearted and of a very family friendly nature, there is also a rough and tumble aspect as is familiar in most Westerns. Gun fights and death are frequent. Mark sometimes suffers things that do not occur in a normal boyhood and Lucas must explain those things to him.

    Something that I can add, now that I have progressed much further with the story, is that Lucas and Mark must learn how to develop their lives apart from each other as Mark is becoming an adult and finding his own way in the world. But, the past keeps catching up, even as Lucas makes new friends and finds new paths. These stories attempt to take aspects from the various episodes and use them to paste together more of an overall picture of what might have taken place both in the past, before North Fork, and in the future, after the TV show came to an end. Also, a number of historic characters and incidents have been included to reflect the actual world that Lucas might have come in contact with. In all three stories I have taken the liberty of introducing characters such as Bat Masterson into the story because he was both a favorite TV character and a historic figure. His fame with the gun and the law give an interesting blend with the talents of Lucas McCain. The idea of them developing a gun show together seemed natural and their friendship has grown throughout. Sarah Cockrell is a character taken from the true history of Dallas Texas and became a believable character for William Fulton to have been involved with. Aubrey Canton is fictional as the new love interest for Lucas.

    I recommend reading the first two stories and being familiar with the TV show, but it is my hope that one can also enjoy each story on its own. Some of the characters in part three come from episodes such as “The Guest” where a man named Ralph Hayden hires an assassin to kill Lucas. Johnny Morgan, a long time friend of Lucas from his Enid, Oklahoma days also comes from this story. We never find out anything further as to why, or how Ralph came to be injured by a bullet from the Rifleman. The Snipe Brothers, Roy Thursday and Earl Battle from “The Sister” also have a part. From the previous stories, we have William Fulton, Ann Bard, Micah Torrance, John Hamilton, Wes Carney and Simon Battle, In addition, other regular characters come into play, such as Sweeney the Saloon Owner, Lou Mallory, Doc Burrage, and JudgeHanavan. Even facts from the very first episode, “The Sharpshooter” come into play. I can’t mention all of the influences, however, it has been a great joy to research many of the episodes to help fashion the story. I have had to also create a good deal of what happens in order to form the future and knit the past. All three stories come together to strike a balance in what might have happened to Lucas and Mark in the times soon after the TV show came to an end.
    For many of us fans, the story can never end. Our imaginations carry this on and the many writers that contribute on the Cowgirl’s website are a testament to the dedication and love we have for, THE RIFLEMAN! Thank you Margie for making this possible and for all of your friendship and guidance as the ranch progresses!

9-12-2012 note: These first 13 chapters lead up to the point where The Rifleman gets married. This is a very much looked forward to hope for Lucas. There is more to come before this story is over, but I felt that it is time to get this story posted and it can certainly stand as a good read to this point. I will continue to add new chapters soon. Thank you very much for taking part and enjoy!

    Frank Charles
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you Margie for making this possible and for all of your friendship and guidance as the ranch progresses!

Hey weinerdawgy, it certainly has been a please working with you on this.  Although my contribution was very little.

You certainly have done a lot of research on this.  

I don't want to give anything away so I'll just say how much I enjoyed this and I especially loved the wedding ceremony.  Your choice to perform this special ceremony is priceless.  The guest list is endless!

What will the future hold for the McCains!

As far as the friendship goes, ditto here!

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"The Rifleman hits the 'Mark' every week on abc."
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