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"Welcome to the McCain Ranch.....home of the TV Westerns"
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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls! My name is Cowgirl. I would like to welcome you personally to the McCain Ranch and to North Fork.
On Parnell Robert\'s Death
Now that I'm over the initial shock, I can tell you something cute (in a sick kind of way) that happened when I found out.  

I was talking to Deanne on Facebook and catching up ont he posts here at the ranch while Dakota was standing beside me waiting to get on my laptop to play games.  I had a wooly booger of a day - one I hope I don't soon repeat...and then I saw the posting on Parnell...

"OHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" I scream as I put my hands to my head.  Dakota runs to my side.  "NOOOOOO,NOOOOO, NOOOO!"  I maon a few times.  "I can't BELIEVE he DIED!"  Dakota immediately wonders who died and without thinking, I said, "Oh just one of the greatest Western actors." (We all know there are many of them!)

Dakota threw his hands to his mouth and said, "Oh no!  Johnny Crawford died??????"  He was really, really scared!

I told him that it was Adam from Bonanza and he put his hand to his chest and said, "Oh, thank God!"  I gave him a strange look and he said, "Oh...I mean I'm sorry that Adam died, but I'm so happy it wasn't Johnny Crawford!"

So now we know who Dakota's true hero is ;-)
On Parnell Robert\'s Death
He's his mother's son, that's for sure!  
On Parnell Robert\'s Death
Its sad what brought it about, but how sweet of Dakota!

His Mother's Son!
On Parnell Robert\'s Death
Makes a mom proud!!!
On Parnell Robert\'s Death
same reaction, I screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and put my hands to my face.
On Parnell Robert\'s Death
Did he ever tell why he left Bonanza? I gather there were hard feelings but that he never explained what happened.
On Parnell Robert\'s Death
Seems like I heard it was contract disputes - he wasn't getting enough air time, and he wanted Adam's character to go a different way then it did.  He wasn't involved in decision making like he thought he should have been...
On Parnell Robert\'s Death
I also heard that there were only 13 years difference between him and Lorne Green and he didn't like that his character had to keep calling "Pa" and he wasn't allow to NOT wear his toupe'.
On Parnell Robert\'s Death
Wikipedia states:  "Roberts left the series in February 1965 after disagreements with writers and producer David Dortort. According to the July 2005 Bonanza Gold issue, David Dortort said his intent was to have a married Adam appear less frequently, thus making him a semi-regular. It was a move to broker with Roberts, who vowed not to renew his contract."

I know I am in the minority here, but Pernell Roberts was not one of my favorite actors---not in Bonanza or Trapper John.  However, he has a memorable body of work that his many fans honor.
On Parnell Robert\'s Death
BluewindFarm wrote:
I also heard that there were only 13 years difference between him and Lorne Green and he didn't like that his character had to keep calling "Pa" and he wasn't allow to NOT wear his toupe'.

Oh geeze...

PJH, yes.  I did hear that about the wife thing.  They played him courting a woman in three episodes, but she ended up leaving without him, so I guess that idea didn't stick...Although they would have made a really great couple!  It was pretty unrealisic to see three strapping boys still living with their fathers at their age AND never getting married...

Little Joe did eventually marry and had a son after the show ended.  We know that from the TV movie that was made a few years ago...Little Joe's son was played by Micahel Landon Jr.
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