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The Rifleman Trivia
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My journey into McCain country
trivia from markisddg
Meet Mark McCain's stunt double
Trivia for May 2017
Movie Kill them All and Come Back Alone
James Whitmore as the Rifleman?
Two trivia questions
More March Trivia
When was Mark tied up?
When did Mark speak up
Blacksmith & etc.
Last Chance Saloon
Boy is he heavy!
No Littering!
Soda Pop and Sarsaparilla
In Common
Ignorant Ape
Some trivia for March
Who got hit on the head more..Lucas or Micah??
To the manor born
Sweating bullets
No Smoking
Episode Title:
The grim reaper
Lucas as host
Rifleman cast real life connections
Please sign here.....
Job titles
Slipping what?
Mark makes Lucas feel better
Set 'em up Sweeney
How Many Times Was Lucas Shot?
What is Common Factor?
Those darn ole rattlesnakes
Over schedule by one Day
Wouldn't get a nickel
February Trivia
In Common X
Northfork Smells
Who's Milly?
Debbie Reynolds and the rifleman
"Let's go home"
Mary Tyler Moore and the rifleman
Mr. McCain
Which Team of Characters
Murder By Beef Bone
What do......
Lucas's Neighbors: Here Today Gone......
In Common
"Lucky" break
Who Am I?
Old TV Show Trivia
Pesty Fly
Did we ever see Mark shoot anything?
I Directed Rowdy
Hard One II
Women Who Killed
Doctors in North Fork
Businesses in North Fork
simular episodes / situations
"Rifleless" episodes
Real life rifleman family
Zip it!
Try This On For Size
One For The Books
Lucas cons someone
Mean Mark
Micah Was Laid Up
Mark's sexist comments
Question about day of reckoning
Whom didn't Mark ship?
Magical mystery tour
Before I Forget
Lucas's strong arms
Like a log
Questions about Micah?
Lady friends
Rhymes with Soil
Three Questions
Place of origin
More December Trivia
Sticking up for pa
Conflict of interest
Lucas Rude Micah Rude
And the Oscar goes to...
Things I wonder about
New Trivia for December
Youngest Man
New Trivia
Doctor in the House
First Scene
Okay I've Got a Good One
Another Series
Patricia Barry
Alternative titles
In Common!
Which Episode?
Relatively speaking
Artsy episodes
Trivia questions
How many people did Lucas hire at the ranch?
We're all the single fathers widowed?
Something Mark Does
Here's One!
Who Am I?
Trivia about flowers
How many Johnny's?
Trivia questions
Trivia - when did the cast wear winter coats?
Episode riddle: who was missing?
Seeing and hearing
Real happenings during the time of the rifleman
Trivia questions
Possessive titles
What is the secret ingredient in Nora's recipe for chocolate
Who were the show' s sponsors?
Minding the marshal's office
Two more trivia questions
It's all about hot coals...and prison wagon
Common names
It's all about ice cream and bandanas
Can you name the episodes in which we see... #3
Can you name the episodes in which we see... #2
Can you name the episodes in which we see... #1
Monetary titles
What episodes were Indians in?
Guileless or getting Pa's goat?
How many times was Mark kidnapped or held hostage
How many boarding houses were there in North Fork?
Mark's bedtime
Neighbors, Neighbors
What episode was this dialogue in??
Numbers in the title
Six degrees of North Fork
Did they ever lock the door at the ranch
What episode was this dialogue in??
Lucas with his shirt sleeve rolled up
Animal in the Title
Lucas wearing a wedding ring
What is the Common Element?
Two Episodes Together
Single Parent
Two Animals
Bits and Pieces
Have in Commom
Rifleman on Sundance Channel
Rifleman Announcer
Who Am I?
Rudy Rudy Rudy
The Devil Makes "Three"
Bamboo Harvester
In CommonVI
What's Their Real Name?
The Title Character
An answer to a question
Name Game
What is this?
Patricia Barry's age
Political messages from TR
Town or City in the Title
Horse head ornament
Name the Episode
He Had Mark Break a Promise
In Common
Peter (rather than Paul) Fix
What is so strange here?
Who said.....
I can only think of one episode that Mark/Johnny was not in.
Lucas makes a deal
No credit given
Lawrence Dobkin
Lucas in Jail!
'mullein bush'
Who said it and in what episode?
Quisquose City
In Common
Guess who?
Joe Higgins
Historical persons
Geographical places
A List of Lies
Vic Morrow's (Johnny Cotton) fascinating life
In Common
Successful Robbery
Closing Scene- Name the Episode
Weekly Trivia Question
Whose helping Lucas tie his tie?
Songs from The Rifleman
The Pet
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