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Fultonís Foray
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Fultonís Foray: Introduction
Fultonís Foray Synopsis
Chapter 27 - And Wedding Bells Will Chime: The Wedding!
Chapter 26 ó Dear Pa: Mark McCain returns to North Fork
Chapter 25 ó Roundup
Chapter 24 ó Sea Change
Chapter 23 ó Show Me the Money
Chapter 22 ó Western Influence
Chapter 21 - It's All in An Act
Chapter 20 ó Connections
Chapter One -Spirit To Texas
Chapter Two - Circle Complete
Chapter Three - Dallas Rebirth
Chapter Four - The Gift
Chapter Five - Spirit Run
Chapter Six - The New Deal
Chapter Seven - Lunchtime
Chapter Eight - Night Ride
Chapter Nine - Hellís Half Acre
Chapter Ten - Fort Worthís Worth
Chapter Eleven - Property Inspection
Chapter Twelve - The Decision
Chapter Thirteen - To Plant a Seed
Chapter Fourteen - Property Value
Chapter Fifteen - Feed the Need
Chapter Sixteen - Train Leaves Dallas in the Morning
Chapter Seventeen - New York Bound
Chapter Eighteen - Historic Springfield
Chapter Nineteen - East Bound
Fultonís Foray Table of Contents
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