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The Battle Within A Young Gun
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Chapter Twenty Four "The Show Must Go On"
Chapter Twenty Three "Ready, Aim, Fire"
Chapter Twenty Two "Take Aim"
Chapter Twenty One "Best Laid Plans"
Chapter Twenty "Santa Fe"
Chapter Nineteen "Back To Work"
Chapter Eighteen "Goodbye Again"
Chapter Seventeen "Christmas Day"
Chapter Sixteen "A Warm Fire"
Chapter Fifteen "Mark's Place"
Chapter Fourteen "Changes Made"
Chapter Thirteen "Horse Sense"
Chapter Twelve "Homeward Bound"
Chapter Eleven "Credence"
Chapter Ten "Lone Pine"
Chapter Nine "Gun Play"
Chapter Eight "The Gateway Country"
Chapter Seven "Train of Destiny"
Chapter Six "Rails and Tails"
Chapter Five "Ranch Hand"
Chapter Four "Reunion"
Chapter Three "Home With A Blast"
Chapter Two "Reckonings"
Chapter One "Get Ready For This"
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