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Unusual Words, Phrases, or Expressions
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The Assailants
Box canyon
Truck garden
"Running around the Barn"
Talkin' the Lingo
Can you name the episode & who said it?
Bonanza - 'The Truckee Strip.'
Hell on Wheels
Chuck it...
Do you know.....
It's women's work and I don't cotton to it!"
Saloon on Sunday Morning
Mind Reader
What episode & who said it?
Saloon Courage
Stench like an outhouse in August
Sunday Straight and Dull as Winter
"Well, Dog my cat!"
God willing and the Creeks don't rise
A Matter of Faith
Lock, Stock, and Barrel
Your Just a Pot Full of talk...
Granny Says This About Her Hearing in
Faster than a diamond back rattler...
Sprouting Chicken Feathers
You got ideas, but they're only half-baked!
the nations
Whips and Jingles
Your favorite lines...
Like a thirsty monkey on an Arizona well rope
Hostage to Fortune
"Man proposes...Heavan disposes..."
Eat you for breakfast
"Over a Barrell"
Pulling my leg
Foot in a boot full of grease
Hardy Boys - unusual words
Nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin chairs
Rawhide expressions
Smarty or Smarting
Screaming Banchie
Foursquare and Hard as Bedrock
Friendly Ears to Bend
Mealy mouth
Take the cake
Six Ways to Tuesday
Full of mustard
Gets in my crawl
A Shade and a Half
Garter snake at a sewing bee.
Swilling the hogs
Spouting off
Hung fire
Shotgun Man - several unusual phrases for me
Bolting Food
Toad sticker
Funny Bonanza Quote
Swamp out the barn revisited
Light as a butterfly's heart
There's no flies on my Pa
He hears the canary
Mud in your eyeball
Water seeks it's own level
Mule skinner
Cock of the Walk
"Where was the man when he jumped off the bridge?"
Tag Town or Tank Town
Ride like the devil or The devil was at his heels
Punk kid
Glove full of grease
Jerkwater Town
How Much is a Stone?
Gunfighting slang
Giving the business
Pumpkin roller
Cotton up to
A soiled dove always looks gray
Dressed to fit your talk
Sow belly and beans money
Revisiting Money, Marbles and Chalk
Take the wind out of one's sails
Cadge a meal
She's drawing a bead on Lucas
Walking under ladders
Running around the barn
Every man to his own snakes
Grub Line Coyote and Mr. Fuss and Feathers
Is Mark bushy-tailed?
Tree a town
Dog in the manger
Cool as a skunk in the moonlight
Vaquero, bandito, patrón
Woolly booger
Gink, bowery and burg
High pockets
I'm a little deaf in this ear . . .
Scarce as hens' teeth
Ma and Pa or Mom and Dad
Money, marbles, or chalk
Steel dust stallion and whipsaw
Diamond of the first water
Don't overplay your hand
Riggin' and things, pull, awash, founder, packed
Like a bull in a china shop
Companion to owls, and brother to dragons
Websites for western terms
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