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Santa Claus Lane Parade 1960!
The Rifleman Theme
Lawman Colorized Picture
R.I.P. Annette
congratulations on your 25th Wedding Anniversary!
"Happy Thanksgiving!"
Mary pictures to share!
Words to the Rifleman Theme Song
New Sketches!
What a ride, huh?
9/11: Let us Never Forget
Branded Webpage
Who Would Mark Choose
Facebook Profile Banners
"Two Wolves"
FYI - Chuck Connors - "Boy with a Knife"
Horse Cloud
Wyoming Story- Colorized
Colorized Mark and Pa for Christmas! :D
Ma's Last Gift
Santa's Jigsaw Puzzle
Colorizing is addictive And "The Vision" poem
Lone Pine Farm - Please take the time to read this.....
"Happy Thanksgiving!"
I got a phone call from Jules.....
My new Rifleman-Collages
makin animation sure is addictive
Winchester's Rifle & Mare's Leg Collection
My first ever animated av
I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!
Mark's Expressions
Stuck in the 50's and 60's
Michelle and Lucas
Cowgirl and Chuck
A question for Dianna - Chuck and the kids
Rifleman quilt
Family Daguerreotype
video- Chuck and the kids
The Many Faces Of Chuck
Here are our pictures from when we went to the US Air Force
Dakota's Birth-Day video
Dumb question time
New links added to the ranch/website
Manuscript Reveals Mark Twain's Soul as a Father
Archive of American Television
Will Hutchins aka Sugarfoot
Ole Wyatt sent this article to me to post for all of you
Renewed Fan would like to share this picture with you.....
Johnny Crawford Sirius XM Radio
Guess Who?
You just gotta see this!
National Hugging Day
2010 Stamp Program
Hey guys need your help again!
Yo Bluewind!
Christmas With The McCain's Video
This is my boy!
A new video I just made
My new website
Albino Moose upper Michigan
What is your thought?
Whats with TV now? Your say is now!
Question for Dianna
Johnny Cash and Reba
experimenting with collages
Okay, Diana...You asked for it!
Dedicated to Michelle
The Rifleman logo - old/new
Article - Exploring a firefighter’s career with our Matthew
Lynne Cartier
Chuck Connors items up for bid on AmericanMemorabilia
Bobby Crawford & Mrs. Crawford
Postal Service Previews 2009 Commemorative Stamp Program
Tom Selleck talks The Rifleman
I just had to share this with you.....
What kind of toys were popular when you were a kid?
Arthur Gardner
Guess who
Have a nice weekend !
The runaway hose by Matthew
What does Johnny Crawford & IHop have in common?
July 4th
Doo Wops
Matthews trip to DC
Spencer Fire Company - Matthew
Arrest and Trial
Just a couple of photos of Chuck
Matthew on his tractor
trail to Snow Peak picture
When Spring Comes
The Coward Steps Aside collage
Question for Dianna
The Vision
Request for Dianna
TV Westerns # 5
TV Westerns #4
Tv Western Horses
TV Westerns #3
TV Westerns #2
New Collages- TV Westerns
My Wyoming-Collages
An original
Just being silly
Cowboy Poetry
Wyoming Story Collage
Celebrity Passengers
Chuck and Grown-up Boys
Mrs. Cletis - a picture of Matthew's rabbit
Happy Birthday
Pearl Harbor song on Flute
Rifleman's Expressions
"Medicine Hat Oaks" - Chuck's ranch
Some of my pictures from out west
North Fork
Alternate Endind to "8 Hours To Die"
Since I've been in Branson I am told to get Fireproof!
Maureen's pictures
Cowgirl Collage
Reflections of "The Rifleman"
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