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Randy Travis suffered a stroke
Please Pray for My Grandma again
Prayers for east cost flooding
loss of a sibling
Prayer Request
Dakota Greene
Prayer for my Grandma
Prayer for Mitch
Word Document goes Missing on computer
Very important decision to make
Prayer for Cowgirlatheart
Prayer for Margie
Prayer for my brother-in-law
Prayer for my Grandma
Pray for High School Students near St. Louis
Memorial for my son
Prayer for my mom...again
Extremely sad. Please, please pray.
Prayer for my brother
Prayer For My Mom
Just wanted to talk
Boy do I have good/bad news!!!!!
Pray for my mom
Great Grandma
Pray for my mom
Thank You
Prayer for my step-dad
Gall Stones
Prayer request
Pray for my cousin - EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!
For my brother Lucas
An old friend of mine died today
Walter Cronkite
Asking for prayers
Please pray for my father-in-law
Please Pray for me
Black Wednesday
Please Please pray
Home explosion
Michelle needs prayer
My friend Sherry passed on yesterday at supper time,5PM.....
prayers needed
Prayers for those who live Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee
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