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Kelton Garwood, Paul Wexler, Chris Alcaide
Rifleman people on Other shows
John Smith (Laramie and Cimarron City)
Whatever happened to Michael Burns?
Andrew Prine
Denny Miller on today...
Michael Burns
A Tribute to Dennis Hopper
Can you guess this featured character actor?
Warren Oats
James Best
Bert Reynolds
Dennis Hopper Receives Walk of Fame Star
What Oscar Winning Actor
Robert Vaughn
Featured Character Actor - can you guess?
Smiley Burnette
Steve Rowland
New James Drury Interview
The Big Valley Tribute - Lee Majors
The Big Valley Tribute - Peter Breck
The Big Valley Tribute - Richard Long
The Big Valley Tribute: Barbra Stanwyck
Featured Character Actor: Ed Nelson
Coming soon...
Special Tribute - Arnold Laven
Ben Johnson--Academy Award Winning Character Actor
Featured Character Actress - Sherry Jackson
Harry Carey Jr./One of my favorite character actors
Featured Character Actor - Denver Pyle (Part 2)
Featured Character Actor - Denver Pyle
Featured Character Actress - Gloria Talbott
Featured Character Actor - William Schallert
Featured Character Actor - Ben Cooper
Featured Character Actor - Cesare Danova
Featured Character Actor - John Anderson
Strange Question
Featured Character Actor - James Drury
Featured Character Actor - Jerome Courtland
Featured Character Actor - R. G. Armstrong
Featured Character Actor - Joanna Moore
Featured Character Actor - Richard Anderson
Featured Character Actor - Michael Landon
Featured Character Actor: Claude Akins
Featured Character Actor - Short Delay
A Video Clip of Character Actors
Victor French
Name This character Actor 4
Name This Character Actor 3 - Dabbs Greer
Name This Character Actor 2
Name this character actor
Queen of the Bs--Marie Windsor
Name change to this room
A tribute to Richard Crenna
Chuck Connors
Marian Seldes
Michael Landon
Julie Adams
Can you name this character actor?
Lee Marvin
Skip Homeier
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