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Aug. 20 - Rose Mary " Rosie " Grumley Speaks

Rosie was such a part of Chuck's life that I've wanted to do an article on her. But I couldn't find anything until I got David Fury's book " The Man Behind the Rifle" and there was Rosie speaking about her time working with Chuck.
    I want to thank David for this wonderful book. I continue to go back and read it again and again and enjoying it so much. Thank you, David.

    Then I mentioned to Cowgirl about doing the article on Rosie and she said that she had some photos she would send me and an extra surprise if I wanted it. Boy did I want it! Thank you so much Cowgirl for the photos and the surprise that will be posted at the end of this article.

       From David Fury's Book- The Man Behind the Rifle"



          Rosie Speaks

    Rosie came on board as Chuck's secretary in 1969, replacing her own daughter, Jackie, in the position. She took care of his business for a quarter-century and over the years they became very close friends.

 [Rosie]  " Chuck was very easy to be around and he made me feel very comfortable, and he was always fun to be with. He had a great sense of humor-he would do alot of WILD things! On the other hand, at times his sense of humor would be dry, and he would pull someone's leg and they didn't know what was going on. He loved practical jokes, but they were always fun and never mean-spirited.
         " We became great friends, and we remained each other's best friend through the years. We trusted each other completely, and we were able to confide in one another."

     Chuck and Rosie and Chuck's agent Steve Stevens

      " We were always involved with one project or another, and the relationship was very pleasant and very happy. With Chuck there was never a dull moment. We were always extremely busy because he got such huge volumes of fan mail, which we would always answer. Chuck worked all the time, really more than anyone knew. At one point in the 1970's he became interested in directing, but it didn't come to pass. He never really had the time to devote to learning the trade of direction."

       " Chuck always said that he was so very lucky that he was working, because there are so many actors and actresses who are very, very talented- but it's a tough business to stay employed. He felt he was very lucky to be working and he never took anything for granted. And that made him a very nice person because he meant it, too."

        " Being around Chuck on a typical day was challenging and often exciting. After a certain point he left me in charge of everything and it was a wonderful relationship. It was alot of work, but it was fun rather than stressful. I think I had a great job-a great job."

     Rosie's Birthday


    Here is  the link to the surprise Cowgirl gave me. This is a short video clip that was shot at Chuck's ranch of him introducing Rosie and of her speaking on camera. I know you'll enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks Cowgirl!

Video no longer available!  4/30/13
Michelle P.

Ohmygosh!!!  I just LOVE CHUCK...I don't think I ever admitted that, have I?????

But I do!!!  I LOVE him...she was so lucky to work for him!


You did a really great job with this thread on Rosie.  

Chuck really thought a lot of Rosie & it shows.

A job well done Dianna, & I will make sure David gets to ready your thread.   q58

Great article, Dianna.  Thanks for doing the research and posting.

Thank you very much. I just thought she seemed like the nicest person.

   Michelle, I would never have guessed that you love Chuck.       Love your comments and as bad as economy is today, I wouldn't take a million bucks for you sweetpea.

Great Article, I also liked watching the you tube clip. He seemed like a really funny guy. And it seems everyone that has ever met him or knows him says that too.

Glad you enjoyed Matthew. I agree, seems everyone talks about his great sense of humor.

Yes, Dianna, it is a WONDERFUL thing for you to remember Rosie.  She and Chuck seemed to have a special chemistry together.  I have that Harvey Shine interview (if you want to call it that - a TERRIBLE interviewer in my opinion), and I forgot that snippet with Rosie was in there.  Thanks for refreshing my memory!  I never got to meet Chuck either, but I think it would be FASCINATING to talk with Rosie over lunch sometime.  I'll bet she could paint a picture that would make it seem like Chuck was sitting right there with us!!  Thanks again, sweetie....                        

Your welcome and thank you. I would have loved to have met Chuck just one time. I bet he was a hoot to be around. And you brought something to my attention. I meant and thought I had added this at the end of the article but I don't think I did. Sadly, Rosie passed in 1997.

Ohhhh, I didn't know that!!  Did she die from illness?  She couldn't have been very old....
McCain ranch hand

Very nice article. Chuck sounded like a class guy both on and off the screen!

Thank you Dianna

Thank you Dianna for doing the article on Rose Marie, I read about her in the book “The Man behind the Rifle” by David Fury, A great book on the life of Chuck Connors.  Rose Marie was Chuck’s secretary and a kind and loving friend.  She was with him when he died – she asked the nurse to please call a priest so that Chuck could be given the Last Rites.

Someone else special that I'll never get to meet....

You're welcome Dom.

   Chris, I'm sorry, didn't see your question. I don't know if Cowgirl can help, if she knows, but I just know she passed , I don't know the details. Sorry.

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